Tetsu Okamoto 岡本哲

English profile follows after Japanese

94年、相愛大学音楽学部卒業。95年、同大学研究科修了と同時に広島交響楽団に入団。 97年、第14回日本管打楽器コンクール第3位入賞。00年、第17回日本管打楽器コンクール第2位入賞。 05年に京都市交響楽団に移籍。 ソロのリサイタルやオーケストラ、吹奏楽団とのコンチェルトの共演等各地で活躍。 東京・春・音楽祭「東京オペラの森」、水戸室内管弦楽団にも出演している これまでにトロンボーンを呉信一氏、吉川武典氏に師事。 現在、京都市交響楽団首席トロンボーン奏者。ハイブリッド・トロンボーン四重奏団、ジャパン・ブラスコレクション メンバー。エリザベト音楽大学、京都市立芸術大学、 相愛大学、 各講師。

Tetsu Okamoto graduated from the Faculty of Music at Soai University in 1994. In 1995, he completed his graduate studies of the university and joined the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra in the same year. In 1997, he won the third place in the 14th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition. In 2000, he won the second prize in the 17th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition. In 2005, he moved to his current position at the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. As an active soloist, he regularly performs solo recitals and concertos with various orchestras and brass bands throughout Japan. He has also performed in Spring Festival in Tokyo, “Tokyo Opera Nomori”, and with the Mito Chamber Orchestra He has studied trombone with Shinichi Go and Takenori Yoshikawa. Currently, he is the principal trombone player of the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, as well as a member of the Hybrid Trombone Quartet and Japan Brass Collection. He is also a lecturer at the Elizabeth University of Music, Kyoto City University of Arts, and Souai University.