Japan Century Symphony Orchestra 日本センチュリー交響楽団

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Japan Century Symphony Orchestra

Established in 1989 as an orchestra for Osaka Prefecture, a new orchestra was given the name “Osaka Century Symphony Orchestra” by the local residents in Osaka. In April 2011, the orchestra took the current name, Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, and made its new start. The orchestra reached its 30th anniversary in December 2019.

There are currently 50 members, with Norichika Iimori as Chief conductor. The subscription concert series are held at The Symphony Hall ten times a year. The orchestra has been performing The Haydn symphony zyklus called “Haydn marathon” for over eight years at Izumi Hall from 2015. Additionally, the orchestra participates in the joint operation of Toyonaka Performing Arts Center, and regular concert series are held at three venues in Osaka.

Besides concert activities as above, the orchestra performs more than 200 performances a year, including commissioned performances, chamber music concerts and school performances. The Haydn Marathon’s live recording ‘’Haydn Symphony Collection Vol. 1’’ and ‘’`The song of the Earth” with Norichika Iimori were selected as a record art special edition board, and received the Encouragement award of Osaka Cultural Festival Award twice (2015, 2018) and other performance activities have been highly evaluated.

The orchestra focuses on promoting and contributing music appreciation classes, such as the orchestra experience concert “Touch the Orchestra”, special support school concerts, and the operation of a youth orchestra, that are all aimed at refining the sensibilities of the younger generation who will be tomorrow’s leaders. The orchestra has also performed for the local communities at “Toyonaka Machinaka Classic” (Toyonaka city, Osaka) and “Luciole Machikado Concert” (Moriyama city, Shiga).

The aim is to provide not only classical music but music that stirs the soul of every person so that the general public will come to know the joy of listening to great music and attending wonderful concerts. We hope to provide more opportunities for all to come into close contact with music in their daily lives.

The orchestra is dedicated to fulfilling their mission to become an orchestra that is loved and respected by not only classical music lovers but also all people in every walk of life.

Based on these four philosophy, “Disseminating local power through excellent performance” “Providing emotion and healing by orchestra” “Discovering outstanding talent and contributing to the next generation” “Contributing positively to international mutual understanding and peace”, we hope to spread bright dreams to the hearts of many people through our performances, and is working to develop as an orchestra in a new generation.