Lumiere Trombone Quartet ルミエール・トロンボーン・カルテット

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Lumiere quartet (by Hiroka Tanaka, Akikazu Toida, Erimi Fukuda and Nozomi Kasano) was established in June 2018 with young trombone players from professional orchestras in Kansai. They started their performances based on their shared vision to “Vitalize the trombone community and trombone quartets in Kansai!”

In January 2019, a lobby concert was held at Toyonaka for their debut.

On December 9, 2019, the quartet’s 1st recital was held at the Miki gakki Kaisei Building. It was very well received.

They pursue new possibilities and world views of the trombone quartet by combining their techniques and knowledge from their experience in each orchestra.